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Mentoring, treatments and workshops

Spirit-level mentoring

One-to-one mentoring sessions via Zoom to co-navigate your Path to Mastery.  I will draw on the Eastern philosophies of Daoism and Buddhism, the energetic frameworks of Traditional Acupuncture's Five Elements, colour therapy using the powerful system of Colour Mirrors, the transformational abilities of sound, the theories of Quantum Mechanics, numerology, astrology, Neuro-Linguistic-Programming techniques, and psychic channelling to help you better understand yourself, the reason you have incarnated on Earth at this time, and achieve personal congruence and mastery as you fulfil your Soul Contract.
Session length 1 hour 30 minutes plus a follow-up 30 minute phone call/Zoom meeting up to 2 weeks after the session .  
From experience, a 90 minute session is perfect to identify and clear blocks and determine strategies for implementation.  And a follow-up call is helpful to make sense of changes in perception and behaviour as a result of the insights gained during the initial session. Both of which help to anchor vibrational shifts and give momentum to your transformation as you walk your path to Mastery.

With gratitude and blessings for a total energy exchange of £100.

Traditional Acupuncture treatment 
At The Warwickshire Clinic of Traditional Acupuncture, Unit 9a, Hatton Technology Park, Hatton, Warwick, Warwickshire, CV35 8XB. Initial one and a half hour consultation with the first treatment @ £65. One hour treatments thereafter @ £45.

Colour Mirrors
  • 2-day ‘Expansion through Colour’ course, which serves as an ideal introduction and initial exploration of the potential and scope of this system. Date to be arranged to fit in with existing commitments @ £200.
  • 9-day ‘Practitioner’ course, which qualifies participants to use the Colour Mirrors system with their own clients. Date to be arranged to fit in with existing commitments @ £1250.
  • 2-day ‘Advanced Colour’ course, which explores colour combinations and takes the system to a more profoundly effective level. Date to be arranged to fit in with existing commitments @ £200.
I also deliver personalised workshops and readings tailored to suit individual needs. Please contact me to design your own Colour Mirrors experience.