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Spirit Release

Spirit Release 1Have you ever experienced a level of discomfort, ranging from mild to deeply troubling, when you have visited a property or place, or just simply when standing in the queue at the supermarket checkout?  Its difficult to pin down exactly why you feel uncomfortable, but you may have said to yourself ‘I’m not coming back here again’, or have decided to leave the queue and join it later. Your experience could be down to your picking up on the energy field around the property, place or person you have come into contact with. We all know how being around certain people and places is very uplifting but that others may feel heavy, depressing, even fearful. This is due to an energetic resonance or dissonance between you and those people and places.

Being sensitive to these energy fields means we will detect the different frequencies around us and we may well feel physically, emotionally and mentally affected by them. That’s great if they are lighter, brighter frequencies, but not so good if they are dense, heavy ones, as our mood will be correspondingly lowered and our health can be impaired.

The good news is that you can prevent these denser energies from entering your energy field by employing a robust energy management and protection routine, ideally on a twice daily basis. This is akin to placing a protective bubble around your field.  Anything of a lower, denser vibration than yourself will be deflected and not bother you. Anything of a similar or higher frequency will be able to interact with your field in a positive way.

If you would like to know more about energy management, please click here and find out how to access your
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However, I know that the best of intentions can fall by the wayside with the pressures of modern life. We can forget to do our daily energy management and protection practice or miss a day or two because we are so tired or out of our routine. We can engage in unhealthy habits that lower our energetic immunity, much like eating too many unhealthy foods and drinking too much alcohol or too many sugary drinks lowers our physical immune system and makes us more vulnerable to catching viruses. Or we may be living in challenging circumstance where we are exposed regularly to abusive behaviour. We may have experienced intense trauma, shock, grief or anger in the past but still feel those emotions ricocheting around our energy field.  We may have unresolved deep emotional wounds from past or present lifetimes such as fear, loneliness, guilt and shame.  We may be engaging in some intense spiritual development practices, or exploring the Dark Arts.  All of these may reduce the effectiveness of the protection around our field or leave us wide open to these lower, denser frequencies, which I will now refer to as ‘intrusive energy’.

Intrusive energy is everywhere and it can seep into any energy field that is unprotected. Some of these energies have a degree of consciousness, and they deliberately enter an energy field if they feel resonant with it.  For example, the unsuspecting host may be feeling very low emotionally, or is in poor physical health, mentally stressed, or is consciously or unconsciously vibrating at the frequencies of fear, anger, or grief.  Any intrusive energy vibrating at similar frequencies or recognising similar life experiences in the host to the ones they have had, will move in to the field of the ‘kindred’ spirit.

Of course, even with a compromised energy field, not everyone will attract or be vulnerable to intrusive energy.  But experiencing some of the following symptoms may be a good indicator that you have intrusive energy occupying your energy field:
I hope that whoever is reading this your life will change like mine has!

I have known Clair through having acupuncture for many years with her.
Part of my time I spend with Clair, we chat about what’s going on with my life and she always understands and puts me back on the right path.
However, at 16 I lived in a bed sit (I’m now 57) and have been terrified I would always end back there, even though I am happily married, I have a beautiful son and have done well for myself. My phobia of returning had completely over taken my thoughts.

Clair suggested that I have a Spirit Release/energy clearing. When she explained it I was sceptical, but I absolutely trust Clair and decided to have it done.
The clearing was done on a day I was home and relaxed.

This has changed my life, my thought process of returning to the bedsit has completely gone and I question myself why I EVER thought like that; it feels like I am free.
In the same clearing, Clair also cleared some built up energy in the base of my back that was causing me horrendous pain, and it’s GONE!

I would absolutely recommend this. It has changed my life and has freed me from my biggest fear. Thank you Clair, I am and will remain your number one fan.
Mel Fraser

• Physical heaviness
• Tiredness
• Lowering of mood
• Enhanced anxiety depression
• Headaches
• Foreign sensations, thoughts and emotions
• Changes to likes/dislikes, mannerisms, personality
• Headaches and/or other tension-related sensations
• Sudden mood swings (depression and anxious feelings)
• New addictions or changes in usage
• Compulsions
• Loss of memory or blackouts
• Lashing out, involuntary speech or movement
• Feeling something inside your body/energy, especially when relaxing.

If you believe you have intrusive energy in your personal energy field, or in your house or the land belonging to your property or your workspace, understand that this breaks one of the Universal Laws that states nothing can enter your energy field without your express permission. It is therefore intruding on your sovereign space and action should be taken to remove it and assist it on its way to the Light, so it may continue on its own Soul Development journey.

The process I use to remove intrusive energy is called ‘Spirit Release’. I studied this process with two of the most experienced and highly respected practitioners in the UK, namely Janet Treloar and Ariella Indigo. Their reputation spreads far and wide across the world and they have proved the efficacy of the process hundreds of times. The Spirit Release process includes appropriate protections and profound healings for all concerned.

The Spirit Release process is NOT an exorcism. This process reinstates the sovereign right of each and every one of us to determine what enters our energy field. It recognises that any intrusive energy residing in someone’s energy field has got lost, or is there by virtue of an outdated contract (from previous incarnations), or has unresolved woundings from their lifetimes, or is there due to inherited/ancestral karma, accident or bad luck. It treats intrusive energy with respect and compassion, but also firmness. Intrusive energy has to leave and continue to the Light.

Spirit Release 2The Spirit Release clearing is carried out remotely and you do not have to be involved at all. In fact, it is generally better if you are distracted with chores or even asleep when I carry it out. It doesn’t affect anyone around you or make you more psychic or open to communication with Spirit if you do not want to be. In fact, it has the opposite effect, as it protects you and your home from interference from intrusive energy and makes your personal and collective space feel more comfortable, brighter and lighter.

The clearing does not only have to be for you.  You can include your children under 18 years of age, your pets, any adult for whom you are their legal guardian, your home, the land your home is built on, your car and your workspace in the clearing. You can even include your ancestors too!  If you want to include any other people over 18, they must give you their informed consent before the clearing takes place.

It might take a few days for the positive effects of the clearing to be felt. This period can feel a bit ‘clunky’ or uncomfortable. This is entirely expected, as your energetic space has to reorientate to being without this intrusive energy, which may have been resident for years. But once everything settles into its rightful place, you, your home, workspace etc. will feel substantially different and much more comfortable than before.

There are some contraindications, which would make it inappropriate for me to do the clearing at the time of your request. I will explain what they are when we have our free, no obligation introductory consultation. I will also send you a detailed information sheet of FAQs before we chat and I will answer any specific questions that arise during the phone call.

Should you wish to proceed with a clearing, I ask that you make an energy exchange as follows, with payment by bank transfer prior to the clearing:

The energy exchange for a Spirit Release clearing is as follows:

• Clearing your personal energy field, or your home and land, or your ancestral line is £90.

• If you would like me to clear more than one energy field, please add £20 per additional field.

• For example, clearing your house and land would be £90. Clearing you house and land plus your personal energy field would be £110. Clearing your house and land, your personal energy field and your ancestral line would be £130.

This energy exchange guarantees you an introductory phone call, a Spirit Release clearing, a follow-up phone call and a written findings report, plus another check-in phone call a day or two after the clearing. 

Spirit Release 3I will carry out the clearing on an agreed day and time. Once it is concluded I will email you my findings report. We will then arrange a time for our second phone call, during which we will go through my findings report together. I will update my findings with your observations and insights and email you the full version. I will check in with you a day or two after the clearing to see how you are doing and feeling and remain available for follow up calls if required.

I would like to assure you of the safety and profound effectiveness of the Spirit Release clearings that I do. I take my service work extremely seriously and it brings me great joy to be able to make my contribution to the transformation of my clients’ lives and space.

Blessed Be