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Soul Plan

Soul Plan 1Soul Plan is the most extraordinary system based on numerology that I have ever worked with.
In brief, it works with the unique vibration of your birth name and transforms that into a numerological depiction of your life’s purpose. Using the energy of the Star of Creation diagram, it reveals with wondrous clarity the challenges you have set yourself, the skills and talents you have equipped yourself with to transmute them, and the goals you aspire to achieving as a result.

It does this for your earthly journey, which equates to the first 30-35 years of your life and also your spiritual journey. The latter tends to be activated as you successfully navigate your way through your earthly journey and look for deeper meaning in your presence on Earth.

Throughout your Soul Plan reading you will have numerous ‘aha’ moments, as you understand every single one of your life experiences in the context of your Soul’s growth. But there is more to a Soul Plan reading that understanding and making peace with the past. It also gives you the exact nature of your Soul Purpose or Destiny at the highest level possible from that moment onwards.

As a result of your Soul Plan reading, you will be able to make life choices that are completely aligned with your Purpose, ensuring you use your energy and time in the wisest, most efficient and effective way possible.

Soul Plan 2Crafting your reality in alignment with the highest potential of who you were born to be will bring more satisfaction and a deeper, more enduring sense of joy than you have ever experienced in your life to date. You know the phrase “Knowledge is power”. Well, this elegant system offers you the opportunity to transform your life immediately through the knowledge of yourself at a human and Soul level.

A Soul Plan reading takes up to 2 hours and the energy exchange is £110. It is delivered online using Zoom. All you need to do is to give me your birth name EXACTLY as it appears on your birth certificate. You will be able to do this when buying your reading using the link below.

Once I have received your birth name, I will contact you to arrange a convenient time to give the reading. Please provide a telephone number and email address at the time of your purchase.

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