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Silver Spheres

ss logoFounded by Moira Bush in 2013, Silver Spheres is a new healing system gifted by the Ascended Masters and Angelic realms to help us realise our full potential.
The Silver Spheres are a form of intelligent healing bringing accelerated transformation in:
  • mental, physical and emotional well-being
  • raising self-awareness
  • expanding spiritual consciousness
  • letting go of poverty mind-set and habits
  • activating wealth creation
The Silver Spheres offer a new method in healing ourselves on body, mind and spirit levels.  They can be called upon to accelerate healing on a physical level, particularly after accident or trauma.  And they will also work with us to re-establish emotional and mental wellbeing.  In the past we have had to re-tell our stories many times over to clear the layers of beliefs and habits that kept us in limit, lack and loss of power. The challenge with re-telling the story is that every time you put any focus on it, it continues to grow, creating more layers for clearing and needing even more therapy sessions.  By telling your story over and over again, you are adding energy that keeps the story alive in your consciousness and perpetuating the cycle of cause and effect.

s spheresDuring a Silver Spheres session, you have the opportunity to not only remove the symptoms, but also the story - the root cause of your issues.  You will be guided through a set of specific questions by the practitioner to establish why the story was created in the first place.  You then have a choice – you may chose to let go of the story and the drama that you created to support it.  If you have mastered all of the lessons the story offered you, you may wish to accept the Silver Spheres into your being to remove the story and activate your Soul’s intelligence held within your cellular memory.  

You may then chose to embrace your authenticity by working with the Colour Mirrors energised oils and essences aligned with the Silver Spheres, the Silver Gaias, to fully align yourself with your destined path in a state of joy and grace. 

If you would like to experience the transformative effect of a Silver Spheres healing session, please contact me and I look forward to facilitating your journey back to authenticity, wellbeing and joy.

If you would like to know more about how the Silver Spheres were birthed into the 4th dimension, please visit