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Oracle Cards


Sales price: £33.00

Colour Mirrors Oracle Cards

By Moira Bush

44 exquisite oracle cards using colour to guide, support and advance your journey.

This beautifully presented deck, produced by my colleague Moira Bush, uses colour to help you discover where your blocks and issues are and how to shift them.  It offers clear, simple, direct guidance and inspiration to assist you no matter where you are on your path.

Each card depicts a Colour Mirrors oil or essence bottle amongst beautiful artwork and imagery and offers a powerful and enlightening message in the accompanying mini-booklet.

Colour has the unique ability to tap directly into our subconscious and shine a light upon our issues or highlight our gifts and the oracle cards give a wonderful introduction to colour as a healing or therapy tool.  Practitioners of any form of energy work, healing or therapy will find the cards a complement to their existing practice and of course, they work beautifully with the Colour Mirrors bottles themselves.

To browse the free mini-meditations linked to each card, visit