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28. Opalescence


Sales price: £39.00
Description Every product in Colour Mirrors has at its basis the intent to reflect or mirror back to us who we really are.  As the Earth changes we are experiencing an ongoing expansion of our light and Opalescence shows us the limitless luminosity that enfolds us constantly and of which we are part. This essence with its very accessible energy of sunlight and soft summer roses reflects back to us the multi-levelled light and colour we all hold.  We are precious beyond belief and we are vast and universal.  Breathe this essence in and connect with the beauty, the blessing, the light and the colours that truly reflect you. 

With this essence we can connect to the energy of Mary Magdalene who held the female Christ energy to remind us that every moment is already perfect. This essence will help to bring you to a place where every moment can be blessed, accepted, forgiven and loved; to a place where you can be blessed, accepted, forgiven, loved and acknowledged for the vastness of your true self. Allow this essence to soften and release any resistance you are holding within you and step into its soft, warm embrace.