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08. Platinum Angel of Oneness


Sales price: £39.00
Description This angel brings in the highest vibration that we are able to access at this point in our evolution.  It escalates the our ability to create and generate and brings light into all the dark corners of our emotional bodies.  This essence enhances our ability to see clearly and helps us to connect beyond what we perceive with our human senses.  It provides easy communication with angels, masters and guides and will bring a reconnection to the stars.  Our higher selves will be jubilant that we have finally taken this step so that they can communicate with us and provide the guidance that we need at this stage, which is so crucial in this next part of our journey towards Ascension.  This is the angel of oneness and supports us in clearing all our issues of separation.  This angel honours us and thanks us for the opportunity to be of service – with love.  Use this essence when you need to express gratitude in your life.