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Privacy policy 25 May 2018Sent on 07 May 2018Privacy Policy 25 May 2018
The Earth Element and Late Summer 2016Sent on 13 August 2016Understanding how the Earth element and the Stomach and Spleen officials influence our thoughts and behaviours and how to maintain balance necessary to health.
Fire Element newsletter 2016Sent on 22 June 2016Exploring the energetic nature of the Fire element and the roles and responsibilities of the Fire officials.
Your Wood element and Spring 2016Sent on 20 March 2016Bringing your Wood element into balance
Winter and Water 2016Sent on 23 January 2016Tuning in to the Water element for health and well-being.
Balancing your Metal Element this AutumnSent on 11 October 2015Tuning in to Autumn and balancing your Metal element
Celebrate late Summer with the Earth Element Sent on 13 August 2015Aligning with the Earth element and late Summer.
Tuning in to the Earth ElementSent on 21 August 2014