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My philosophy

Clair Taylor-Powell

Spirit-level Mentor and Co-Navigator of the Path to Mastery and Mystery.

Supporting and guiding fellow Souls to achieve Mastery with authority, integrity, grace and joy.

galaxy 450My personal philosophy is informed by the ancient wisdom of Daoism, Buddhism, Hinduism, Paganism, Earth Wisdom, Native American Indian Spirituality and my own inner knowing and connection to All That Is. I believe that nothing is separate from myself. I see nothing as ‘solidly real’, in common with the theory espoused by Quantum Mechanics. Everything manifesting on this planet and beyond is the energy of Consciousness, vibrating at different frequencies, so it may know itself. I experience and recognise the differentiation of energy through my senses, emotions, thoughts, intuitive knowing and the sensation of the flow of Qi in my body and energetic field. I believe that where attention follows intention, I have the power to manifest. I feel the power of Sacred Geometry, Numerology and Astrology. I feel profoundly supported by Spirit beyond the veil and connect with my Guides and Power Animals through meditation and shamanic journeying. I remember aspects of my past lives and the core themes of my incarnations, which inform my actions in this one. I aspire to live in a state of perpetual awe, wonder and gratitude. I frequently feel inner peace and profound joy and delight when I remember I Am One As All That Is.

I believe one of the reasons I am here is to be of service, by helping to raise the vibration of Gaia and everything manifesting on Her, by helping fellow Souls navigate their path to Mastery by achieving personal congruence. Achieving Mastery is the purpose of every soul contract. However, the human condition dictates that human beings are engaged in an experiential journey. My earthly experience is that at a 3D level, it is not enough to know my truth, I have to feel it. And to recognise my Truth it seems I first have to experience what it is not. But as the pieces of the puzzle fall into place, I become more aligned with my authentic Self and feel the connection to my Higher Self. I follow the Truth of my Heart and release everything that is a distortion of that heartfelt Truth. This allows me to live my Truth in Body, Mind and Spirit. I no longer have to manifest the events and conditions that show me what it is not. I no longer have to suffer. This is living a life of personal congruence and Mastery, and recognisable as physical and mental health, destiny realised, potential fulfilled, and an enduring and profound inner peace and joy as I live as One As All That Is. When personal congruence and Mastery are achieved, we vibrate at the frequency of 5D. On this dimension, infinite compassion, love and integrity reign. I can testify that this is a beautiful and effortless place to be.  I stand by to be of service to anyone resonating with the energy vibration of these words and who is ready to navigate their path to Mastery and Mystery.

philosophyDuring my Spirit-level mentoring sessions, I draw upon ancient Spiritual Wisdom and Eastern philosophies and combine the transformational power of Traditional Acupuncture/Acupressure and the framework of the Five Elements, colour, sound, numerology, astrology, Neuro-Linguistic-Programming, meditation and psychic channelling to help you find your Truth and understand your Soul contract. Once you remember who you truly are and where you’ve come from, you will be able to align with your Higher Self and achieve personal congruence, and walk the Path to Mastery with authority, integrity, grace and joy.