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Colour Readings

I am delighted to offer on-line readings. For those needing insight into current issues, a Colour Reading is recommended. If you are trying to find your life purpose, then a Soul Path Reading is recommended. For a quick insight into your mind, body and heart, the Ascension Star Reading is recommended.
Readings will be produced as a Word document and sent via email.  A follow-up 30 minute phone call/Zoom may be requested to explore the reading further, for an energy exchange of £25.  
I sincerely trust that these readings bring you the clarity and inner peace you seek.
Blessed Be.

On-line Colour Reading

bottles-circle Select 9 colour bottles for insights into current issues. You have the option to add questions for guidance on specific aspects of your life that you need clarity on. 

£50 Buy Now

Online Soul Reading

Using your date of birth we explore the reason you incarnated and the main lessons you have come to master, as well as the gifts indicating a direction for potential careers or being of service to others. 

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Ascension Star Reading

Select 7 colour bottles and place them on the points of the star, each one represents a specific area relating to your heart, mind and body.

£50 Buy Now