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How to use Colour therapy Bottles

The ingredients in the Colour Mirrors bottles are all natural products: Purified Water, Essential Oil and Vegetable Food Colouring. The bottles are energised by Melissie Jolly, the founder of the system. A spiritual intention has been prayed into the water and oil to speak the language of your soul. These bottles will communicate with you information you have been looking for about yourself, they will answer your questions around what has been blocking you, they will remind you of your purpose and your potential. Once you identify a colour bottle that works for you, we can recommend several methods to connect with them and use for support and therapy.

Meditation and Contemplation

Hold the bottle in your hand and go into a relaxed meditative state and feel for thoughts or images that come into your mind. Write down what comes up. We have had clients put the bottle under their pillows at night or on the night stand and they reported having insightful dreams.

Body Oil - Round Essential Oil bottles

Rub some of the oil on your body where you feel drawn to and dab a bit on the back of your heels, do this for as many weeks or months as you feel you need to until the bottle is empty.

Bath Experience

G32-in-bath You can pour the energised coloured oils and spray the essences into your bath water for a soak. We recommend you use a bottle over a period of 2 to 3 weeks. However, as you hold your bottle, you might find it guides you to use a third of it in one go or to use over 1 week. There are no set rules here, colour is intuitive to use and differs for every person. Feel what will work best for you.

Clients have reported back that while in the bath they feel relaxed, safe and at times get flashes of colours passing through their inner vision. Many have shared that stuck emotions are released and then there are clients who don't have any profound bathing experiences, they simply notice that their preception on their issue shifts. 

Space / Aura Clearing - Spritzer Essences

spraySpray the essence on your hands and rub together to release the aromas. Breathe in the aromas. You can also spray a room or around your body, feel where your bottleā€™s energy will work best for you. You can also pour a few drops or spritz some of these essences into the bath or add to amplify an oil bath experience.

Note: While using your bottles you might notice that they begin to bubble, leak, colours change or fade. Colour Mirrors bottles are not a conventional therapy product. They are an energised system that uses oil and water to hold the information we need in order to develop spiritually. They work in various ways to give us the information that our soul has been trying to tell us for the longest time. We are drawn to connect with colour when we are finally ready to listen and make powerful changes.

We use the power and energy of the Colour Mirrors system to reconnect us to the language of our soul and all that is asked is that we really listen and observe the signs on offer. If you have purchased a bottle that is doing unusual things and you are not sure what the message is, please contact Clair for guidance.

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