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PHYSICAL, MENTAL AND EMOTIONAL Attunements for Health and Wellbeing


My purpose is to ensure way showers, innovators and influencers achieve personal congruence through profoundly impactful Spirit-level mentoring.  I am called to work with only those who feel driven to make a profound change to how humans serve as compassionate custodians of this planet.

Why is personal congruence important?  Because without it, no matter how hard you work or how much effort you put into relationships, you will not attain the professional and personal success you are capable of.  

Personal congruence occurs when you think, feel and act in alignment with your true nature and Soul Contract for this lifetime.  It can take years to understand our true nature, let alone live in harmony with it.  And that time can be deeply uncomfortable and result in many time-consuming and energy-sapping false starts. 

Drawing on an eclectic array of cognitive, philosophical, metaphysical, and esoteric beliefs, practices and strategies, I have guided and supported CEOs, elite sports coaches, business and personal coaches, published authors, artists, energy workers and healers on their accelerated journeys to personal congruence and mastery. 

When you reconnect  with your inner truth on this journey with me, you will be guided by your innate wisdom to bring the external environment into resonance with your internal landscape.  The ensuing harmony brings success of the highest order and deep, enduring joy. 

I delight in busting today's 3D paradigm of conventional mentoring.  Instead, I take my clients on a high frequency, multidimensional journey to Soul Wisdom, after which, I guarantee you will never look at yourself and your life in the same way again. 

Are you ready for an adventure of a lifetime?  If so, I humbly invite you to step into the world of congruence, so you may walk your path to Mastery with authority, integrity and above all, joy. 

I would be delighted to explore the potential of your individual journey with you and invite you to call me on +44 (0) 7713159365.